The Secret To Real Bodyfat Loss

A proven weightloss programme for those that truly want it. This is the programme that you have been looking for to get the body you deserve.


Target Bodyfat

Have you always been searching for 'that' diet that works directly on your bodyfat? Never found it? Well, here it is. This programme uses the natural process called ketosis, where the liver converts fats (including bodyfat) into ketones which are used by the body for energy. Basically it torches your bodyfat.

The Benefits of This Programme

  • Kills Your Appetite (in a good way)

    When people feel hungry they hate their diet and ultimately never stay on it for long and give up before they reach their goal. You will feel far less hungry on this programme.

  • Leads to More Weightloss

    This has been proven when they have been compared to other diets. The body sheds more water and sodium

  • Larger Amount of Fat Lost is From Abdominal Cavity

    This is good because it tends to be the visceral fat (found in the abdominal cavity) that tends to surround the major organs of the body.

Even More Benefits

  • Increased Levels of 'Good' Cholesterol (HDLs)

    The higher the levels of HDLs, the lower the risk of heart disease.

  • Reduced Blood Sugar & Insulin Levels

    Carbs tend to get broken down into sugars, mainly glucose the digestive tract. So the low carb diet leads to a reduction in blood sugar and insulin level and thus leads to an improvement in Type 2 diabetes

  • Blood Pressure Tends to Go Down

    A reduction in blood pressure markedly reduces the risk of heart, disease, stroke and kidney failure

Weightloss with no Drop in  Energy

On this programme there will only be a small drop in energy after about 3-4 days, as the body adapts and changes into full ketosis, after that your energy levels will return to normal as you torch your bodyfat. Not many weightloss diets can claim that.

This Programme Includes:

3 Phases

The programme is split into 3 phases that can be followed separately and even purchased separately. These ensure that weightloss and health benefits are maximised at each stage.

A Maintenance Phase 

This phase could also be renamed the lifestyle phase. This phase allows you to get to a level where this programme can be followed almost as a part of 'normal' life ensuring that any weightloss gains aren't lost and weight isn't put back on.

Not a Short term Fix, It is a Long term Solution

Most diets are 1-3 weeks long. This programme is different in that the full programme is aimed at being for 4 months+


"A huge thank you for introducing us to the Ketogenic Diet Plan, my husband was topping the scales at 130kg, which only meant bad news for his health! He has always struggled with his weight and tried several other diets without success.  Through the Ketogenic Diet Plan he has now lost a whopping 11kg in 5 weeks and is on track to get to his goal weight of 110kg by his 50th Birthday in 6 weeks time!   

We run our own business so are very busy people and we have found the meal plan very easy to fit in with our hectic day to day life.The recipes choices are tasty and easy to follow, with no cravings!

We consider the Ketogenic Diet as a life long meal plan not just a one off diet, and would certainly recommend this to everyone!

- Michael & Patsy McCook, Auckland, New Zealand

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